San Pedro...

a unique blend of
past and present

For those not familiar with San Pedro, my hope is you will discover the unique blend of past and present that embody this charming California beach town and the wide array of treasures this city has to offer.

I had been away for quite a while until about a year ago when I rejoined the San Pedro Art Association which at that time was still located at Ports O' Call Village.  Many changes have been taking place and the Village is under threat... even the San Pedro Art Association was recently forced to move after decades in their location. This is why we formed Campaign San Pedro, a group of people who do not agree with demolishing Ports O' Call Village.

This is my childhood home, and it has always
been the place I go to find inner peace and tranquility, whether I get into my car and take
that hour drive or just take a few minutes to go there in my mind. 

This town is unique. Even though modern development has taken place there, just like anywhere else, some of the old areas have been preserved or maintained and left unchanged. 

To go there is to go home. Even after moving to Palos Verdes on the other side of the peninsula at age 9, San Pedro frequently called to me... and still does! 

Some of the sights you will see on this "photo tour", are places that draw people to this Southern California "hidden treasure" every year. I hope to present a whole new perspective of this seaside community, even if you have "known" it for many years. People often come here to visit for the Mediterranean climate and like it so much they make it their home.

Nestled on the east side of the peninsula, this Los Angeles Harbor town sits within an unusual
climate stream.

Unlike other areas surrounding it, San Pedro pleasures the senses with warmth most of the year and rarely do the "June gloom" days of early summer cloud the horizons there as they do on the north side of the peninsula.

Here is a town, where in minutes you are close to marine life, beaches that offer not just water sports but are also a fun and cheap family vacation spot. 

Three amazing lighthouses adorn the coast, historical lighthouses so different from each other.  You will find each one has its own story, each surviving the test of time, each a classic in its own right. Tourists come from all over the world to enjoy the attractions and recreation San Pedro has to offer.

Use this site to explore.  Become acquainted with this quaint little town as I see it.  Let your imagination take you to a place where life merges past with present...

"Cabrillo Beach   Bathhouse" 

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San Pedro Attractions Hand-painted tile by Artist Linda Dixon