San Pedro Tribute to Rosamunde...

A personal tribute to a great friend and fellow artist...

I wanted to take this opportunity to pay tribute to an old friend and fellow artist who I admired and enjoyed spending time with, Rosamunde Griffith. Rosamunde was a long time San Pedro resident and passed away in 2008 at the age of 80.

Pictured here, and so typical of her generous nature, Rosamunde donated an oil painting of the Harbor to the News Pilot in 1976. It had been selected from works of San Pedro Art Association members by a newspaper representative. The painting had been donated in recognition of the newspaper's coverage of the Sansinena explosion in 1976 and hung in their newsroom.

Rosamunde and I were friends and fellow artists that would display our work in outdoor shows, the main venues being Carrow and Coco's Restaurants on Western Avenue in what was then San Pedro but now is Rancho Palos Verdes.

We met as fellow members of the San Pedro Art Association and during their many in and outdoor venues, were able to get to know each other quite well.

Rosamunde was a remarkable person and  served as President of the San Pedro Art Association in 1976. She had many health challenges in her life, but was always able to maintain a good attitude and love for life. That love showed in her many paintings and in her generosity. She could paint in any medium and was generous with her talent.

In rejoining the Art Association, I have become reacquainted with her son, Robert Smith, an excellent photographer and artist in his own right. I have to say it was a surprise and pleasure to meet him again as I had lost track of Rosamunde and had always thought of her. He graced me with one of her paintings that I will always cherish and that painting will keep my fond memories of her alive!

"Cabrillo Beach   Bathhouse" 

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