Three Amazing Lighthouses...

Point Fermin Lighthouse, , below left,and Point Vincente Lighthouse , below right, take guard at opposite ends of the Peninsula along this beautiful Southern California coastline. This area of coastline makes a perfect backdrop for a unique wedding spot

Pt. Fermin Lighthouse, San Pedro

Pt. Vicente Lighthouse, Rancho Palos Verdes

The Palos Verdes Peninsula on which San Pedro sits, is home to three amazing lighthouses. 

All three of these classic lighthouses are historic landmarks and tell their own story. They are of different design but each as beautiful as the other.

All have been preserved or restored so that we can enjoy and imagine what these buildings were like when they were functioning and performing as the lighthouses they are, lighthouse keepers and all.

Lighthouses have always been a popular subject for artistic expression and a favorite among art lovers. Artistic renditions have been a favorite of many of the local artists, including myself.

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