Angels Gate Lighthouse sits majestically off Cabrillo Beach as a beacon

Angels Gate Lighthouse, San Pedro Bay's harbour lighthouse, sits majestically at the end of a 9,250 foot long breaker at Cabrillo Beach as a beacon to all the ships coming in and out of the Los Angeles Harbor. Since this amazing lighthouse was built in 1913, atop a 40 foot square of concrete, it serves as the welcoming figure at the entrance to the harbor with its rotating green light to guide the ships in.

Every deep sea vessel coming into the harbor for the first time is awarded with a plaque etched with a likeness of the historic lighthouse by the city of Los Angeles. The image of Angels Gate Lighthouse has adorned not only plaques, but paintings as well.

From the beach, the lighthouse looks like a small speck in the ocean. Along the pier leading out to it, you can see fisherman trying their luck with the catch of the day and sailors taking a brisk walk or run.

It sits there almost comforting as you can barely see the waves hitting its massive walls, but hitting the breakers leading up to it with enormous force. It has stood up to the massive waves as it has seen generations of people and ships come and go--oh, the stories Angel Gate could tell!!