A Catalina Island Vacation....
for family fun, to find the perfect wedding locations....

or a romantic getaway to enjoy the sun and sandy beaches that are Catalina!!

A Catalina Island vacation is only an hour away from San Pedro by boat, sitting 26 miles off the California coast. Many come over on the Catalina Express not far from Ports O" Call Village.  A popular destination spot is Avalon, which has a number of unique shops and restaurants to help while away the day.

Catalina Island tours are available for those that want to see more of the island, and beaches for those that want to stay put. 

There is so much history here, that the tours would be quite useful. The day we went, we toured Avalon on foot and were able to see a lot, but could have seen much more.

Pictured is the Catalina Casino. It was built in 1929 and is actually an entertainment hall, not a gambling hall as one would think. 

It was host to the Big Bands of the 1930s and 1940's and still used for celebrations of all sorts today. 

With its deco style it makes for a unique wedding location and is a very popular spot for this and other events.

Pictured below is Avalon Harbor where all the sailboats, cabin cruisers, and yachts coming into Avalon dock. 

What a sight... hundreds of boats of all kinds in such a pristine setting!!

It is the perfect place to go for a short trip across the Pacific but feel like you are going to another side of the world.

Even though I have only gone on day trips to Avalon, I have friends who love to sail there for a weekend and camp on the beaches located on the other side of the island.

My daughter recently sailed over in a friends boat, and had as escorts the entire way, this school of dolphins. 

How much fun is that?... Leisurely sailing along observing marine life at its best!! 

A favorite spot for many is Two Harbors.....

People like to go on this side of the island to camp, hike, and try to spot the North American bison or buffalo that roam the hills. 

Whether it is Avalon or Two Harbors, there is so much to do in Catalina. Aside from the normal beach activities, you can take a Catalina Island cruise, or take the Glass-bottom Boat to view our underwater marine world.

Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular recreation and programs are offered for both the novice and the experienced. 

Snorkeling Catalina Island is a real adventure! Learn how to snorkel while coming face to face with the underwater wonders of the world!

While in the island or for reservations, contact the Catalina Dive Shop or Catalina Snorkel & Scuba Adventures (new windows will open up for both). 

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