Hidden beneath the hills above Point Fermin is the Fort MacArthur Museum....

The Fort MacArthur Museum is one of the peninsula's hidden treasures!! In all the years I grew up here, I never knew this fascinating place existed.

Camouflaged in the hills behind Point Fermin and the Korean Bell, is a treat of a lifetime!! 

Bunkers built underground house a treasure of memorabilia and history!! fm

In these underground bunkers, history is chronicled on the walls. tracing the development of American coastal defenses, from the all big gun era of the turn of the century to the missile era of today. 

The rooms and galleries of the Museum contain a variety of exhibits and displays which include missiles and equipment such as jeep shown here. 

Bunkers filled with supplies used at that time and models of naval fighting ships are just some of the things you will see here. 

Exhibits outlining the American Pacific Theater military campaigns, American Air Defenses and the important role of Los Angeles as a military port for both the Army and the Navy are in abundance here. 

Long dark corridors lead from one side to the other where the history of the Los Angeles harbor defenses is exhibited. 

Exhibits of home-front activities during the World Wars as well as the progression of changes made to the Fort, how it looked then and how it is now, capture the interest of all!! 

Fort MacArthur Museum chronicles the history of Fort MacArthur and the role it played in the defense of our coast and nation. For more on its colorful history, click here. 

"Cabrillo Beach   Bathhouse" 

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