The Los Angeles
Maritime Museum

... an unexpected treat to maritime history
of San Pedro

What an unexpected treat it was to visit the LA Maritime Museum and observe the maritime history of San Pedro and Los Angeles Harbor. 

Along with over 700 models of boats and ships, artifacts and mementos from beloved ships are showcased. 

Upstairs, a replica of the "Poseidon" modeled after the plans of the Queen Mary is poised against a back wall, while an amateur radio station is broadcasting from the other side. 

A tribute to the Divers and the Canneries....

On the lower level of the LA Maritime Museum, there are 3 exhibits dedicated to the commercial and professional (fishery) divers- " the Diving Locker,The Japanese Abalone Fishermen, and Building Beneath Los Angeles Harbor" exhibits.

Construction of the Los Angeles Harbor would not have been possible without the contribution of the commercial divers who were responsible for underwater construction, inspection and repair. The Divers Locker showed the lockers as they were and contained the helmets, which weighed a heavy 35 lbs., and the diving gear worn by the divers.

The Japanese Abalone Fisherman exhibit consisted of life-like divers hunting underwater for abalone. They were so life-like my grandson wouldn't get too close and got scared when his cousin got closer than he thought was safe.

Both of these were very interesting and I was in awe of how important these divers were to the development of the port and harbor area. Thankfully, this is an ongoing exhibit as is the cannery exhibit that pays tribute to the fishing industry and what it meant to the growth of the port and the canneries that are now gone. 

Click here to see more tributes to our brave fisherman and also the American Merchant Marines. 

I remember my elementary school field trip to one of the canneries and the old Starkist commercials and memorabilia they have exhibited there. It is sad to think all the canneries are gone now--another chapter of history closed.

Going through the LA Maritime Museum and the display of Catalina really sets the mood for a Catalina Island vacation! Click here for a glimpse of the beautiful sights of Catalina!! 

Outside the LA Maritime Museum there are patios that overlook the harbor and the World Cruise Center San Pedro , and monuments from the USS Los Angeles. In the distance, sits the Vincent Thomas Bridge, the connection between the port and Terminal Island and Long Beach. 

The USS Los Angeles was a Navy cruiser that was commissioned in 1945, financed by the sale of war bonds and was the 3rd ship to be named after the city. 

It was decommissioned in 1948 but returned to battle in 1951 during the Korean War. 

It was scrapped in 1975 and what could be saved by the crew is on display here.

The LA Maritime Museum is a great place to take the kids and a place I would definitely go back to when I have ample time--there is so much to see!!

"Cabrillo Beach   Bathhouse" 

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