Ports O'Call Village.... New England-Style Village of Shops and Restaurants

Ports O'Call Village with its New England-style shops and unique restaurants was a favorite stomping ground for me growing up in San Pedro. 

I still love coming back today and do visit often! 

As you can see in these photos, this village has a charm and beauty all of its own. 

With its many restaurants and quaint shops, it is a favorite of travelers coming off the cruise ships, as well as the locals and others from Southern California. 

Shop The Ports O' Call Marketplace.....

Even though Ports O'Call Village had its heyday in the 1970's and early 80's, some of the original stores remain, renovations have been made and some are still in progress.

Ports O' Call Restaurant is still thriving, the fish markets pack out on the weekends, and the Parkhurst Art Gallery displays some of the finest art pieces in the world.

The Parkhurst Gallery, was the first lease signed when Ports O' Call opened in 1962. Violet Parkhurstowner and renowned artist, recently passed away at the age of 86. 

Violet will be remembered the world over for her beautiful seascapes that hang on museum walls and homes from Rancho Palos Verdes to Peking, China. 

It is well worth the trip just to see her work as well as other talented artists that display their work there. 

Candy Town is another long-time resident to Ports O' Call Village. 

There are hundreds of candies to satisfy that sweet-tooth, the biggest problem will be deciding on which kind ...pretty popular hang out for the kids and "big kids" too!! 

With its' 1950's style red and white decor, anyone can get in the mood for something sweet!

Next door to Candy Town is Arts N Music featuring the Micci Collection of fine statuaries, fountains and collectibles.

It is the largest store in Ports O'Call Village, hundreds of items are displayed, including statuaries of historical significance. 

Here you have a choice of over 1,000 instrumental CD's, a collection that just cannot be found anywhere else.

As you tour the store, relaxing music serenades your every movement and lulls you into a soothing sense of contentment. 

The largest importer of crystals in the South Bay, there are over 2000 images to choose from with customized laser engraving in both 2 and 3 dimensional design.

All pieces can be customized to your specifications, just the way you like it...these make a great gift for any occasion! 

Micci's own designer sunglasses are perfect for strolling the harbor. Comfortable beyond compare and priced at a tenth of other high end brands, the impact and scratch resistant polarized lenses will provide clarity to the sights of the waterfront. For more unique gift ideas.. click on the picture or visit the Micci collection website.

Sadly, some of the old shops are a memory of the past. The old bakery and toy store are gone, along with some of the buildings that added to its rustic charm.

But this seaside village is still one of the best places in Southern California to go and enjoy the sights and smells of the harbor. 

Make a day here seeing the sights at Ports O'Call, take a helicopter ride, go on a whale watching trip or just shop and eat!

To really complete the day, take a dinner cruise among the harbor lights.

The Spirit Cruises is the only dinner cruise on the L.A. Harbor and features a two and a half hour Sunset Dinner Cruise. They also offer charters for special occasions. 

.....Or ferry to Catalina Island on the Catalina Express... 

To continue the tour of village shops and dining at Ports O'Call, click here. 

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