San Pedro..My artistic expression of the beautiful landscape that is San Pedro!

New San Pedro Additions...

"Seagulls Along the Cabrillo Beach Shoreline"

 Original painting is a 20 x 24 acrylic on artboard- 

"Cabrillo Beach Seagull Frolick"

 Original painting 20 x 30 acrylic on artboard"

"Entrance to Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse"

 Original 24" x 24" acrylic on artboard

This page encompasses my artistic expression of the beautiful landscape that is San Pedro. Some are taken from places here, others from the other side of the Peninsula, and the others go with a beach town theme. 

This town inspired me, and the artwork you see here inspired this site. My passion grew not only out of great memories, but being in an environment where beauty was everywhere--from the wharfs to the rocky coastline cliffs to just looking at the silhouette of the "hill" from the freeway on my way home.

Artists come from everywhere to capture the sights that usually only locals are able to enjoy on a regular basis. 

Local artists can often be seen by the waterfronts, painting not only the beautiful coastline the peninsula has to offer, but the colorful marine life. Many, as I did, belong to the San Pedro Art Association as a way to display their work. 

This acrylic painting done on 30" x 40" hardboard captures the coastline and cliffs just below Portuguese Bend and is one of my favorites.

As kids we used to hike through those hills from the other side and I can still feel the warm summer sun and the glistening of the ocean.

To view this painting and more, please visit my online gallery by clicking here.

Now for a little bit of my history....

From my recurring visits to Ports O' Call Village , being an artist from childhood and just beginning to paint on a regular basis, the San Pedro Art Association drew my attention.

Shown here is a pen and ink I composed of the village, from the ocean view, for the Ports O'Call brochure back in 1992 or 1993. You may recognize at the top of each of my pages. My son, Shane, made that logo for me, adding color to the otherwise black and white drawing.

They had a small shop at the village, and still do, that was open for viewing the work of the local artists. It offered an avenue of extreme pleasure for me. 

I often displayed my work at the local art shows, as well those in front of two of the LOCAL RESTAURANTS along Western Avenue, Coco's and Carrow's. We had art festivals at Ports O' Call and the Cabrillo Marina , both very picturesque places to spend the day!

It was great to while away the day with people of like mind, enjoying the same things and wishing only to show those interested our version of the sights seen many times before.

This time though, the beauty ,in all its essence, of those points of interest came to life on canvas, and the PERSONALITY of the artist shown through.

I made alot of great friends there and miss them to this day, some gone for a time, some gone forever, but surely never forgotten.

Lady Elsa, is a recent painting done for my dear friend, Micci, in honor of his little Pomeranian sidekick and constant companion. All came to love that little ball of fluff and energy, and she became the star of the store!!

People would come in to Micci's Art N' Music sometimes just to see her. She will be missed terribly by all of us, but especially by Micci. She was his pride and joy. Click here to view my customized canvas collection. 

"Malaga Cove"

18" x 24" watercolor

Palos Verdes Golf Course

20"x 30" Watercolor

Hawaiian Girl

20" x 30" watercolor

These paintings, all done in watercolor,were painted around the same time period I was with the association. "Malaga Cove" and the "Palos Verdes Golf Course" are well-visited spots on the other side of the peninsula and the Hawaiian girl was MORE of a theme of beach, palm trees, and sun.

Now, for my version of those amazing San Pedro and Peninsula lighthouses...

Pt. Vincente and Pt. Fermin Lighthouses renditions...

Pt. Fermin Lighthouse is of different design than the other lighthouses and I particularly love it from this vantage point. This painting depicts the lighthouse from its north side. This view of Pt. Vincente Lighthouse is one of my favorites and was taken from a photograph my BROTHER, Jeff, took for me a few months ago on one of our family trips there.  

*The originals of these paintings and others may be viewed upon availability at the The 1st Thursday Artwalk at the Croatian Cultural Center at 7th and Pacific in San Pedro the first Thursday of every month.

And For Gift Ideas....

Lemons and Grapes on varied surfaces

Over the years I have painted almost any subject imaginable, so only a few are displayed here.

To view more of my work or order prints in varied sizes, visit my online gallery at:

"Cabrillo Beach   Bathhouse" 

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