San Pedro Parks offer
enjoyment of the outdoors.... and the feeling of being one with nature...

San Pedro Parks offer enjoyment of the outdoors and the feeling of being one with nature within its breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. 

These parks offer rolling hills, ravines that create a natural habitat for birds and ducks that can be heard in the distance as you walk the grounds, and a serenity that cannot be found just anywhere. 

Peck Park and Averill Park are the two parks within the city that are surrounded by commerce and residential neighborhoods, but when enveloped in the parks surroundings, these aspects of modern day life go unnoticed. 

Both parks sit on the Peninsula' eastern side just below Western Avenue, with Peck Park sitting a little north of 1st Street and Averill Park located south of 7th Street. 

On weekends, these San Pedro parks are filled with families enjoying outdoor activities and are the perfect spot for picnics, birthday and other celebrations. 

San Pedro Parks' --Pt Fermin, White Point/Royal Palms, and Joan Milke-Flores Park offer both the beauty of the park and the close proximity to the natural beaches below the cliffs by which they sit. 

White Point/Royal Palms County Beach has a park above with a road that leads to the beach below, and parking available in both spots. 

Joan Milke Flores Park sits against the hills below the Korean Friendship Bell and the Fort MacArthur Military Museum. 

Whether spending a day at one of these parks or as starting point to a day at the beach, there are plenty of things to do. 

People come here to both reflect and to celebrate life. They come for the family picnic or enjoy a day of hiking in the hills above and below the parks. 

Above are the playgrounds and below, of course, are the miles of beach and rock, with tide pools nestled in between. 

Tide pools offer marine life in their natural habitat to observe and to marvel at!! What a tremendous treasure we have been given in these tiny little creatures and the enjoyment we receive from this tiny portal to the immensity of the ocean from which they come. 

As a kid, we could spend all day searching out the starfish, crabs, and sea anemone, saddened by the fact we had to leave them behind. 

Today we can enjoy tide pool walks sponsored by the local community or visit the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and all its glorious tanks of underwater marine life. 

On this side of the Peninsula, you can enjoy best of all worlds--beautiful parks with the ocean as its backdrop, beaches with all they have to offer, and nature walks that inspire the imagination. 

In a place like this, it's great to feel so alive and full of awe for this wonderful world we live in and this place that is San Pedro!!

"Cabrillo Beach   Bathhouse" 

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