The Wonder of

Through the wonder of watercolor, flowers and landscapes come alive and the challenge to make this happen is what makes this medium so fun (and exasperating at times)!!

Self-taught, I had almost given up on ever being able to create a watercolor I could be proud of, but put it to my subconscious that I had already succeeded. The next day I painted a running stallion that fulfilled my every expectation and I fell in love with watercolor!!

I hope you enjoy the following pieces...the first being one of my favorite places in Palos Verdes Estates! 

"Malaga Cove" 

Watercolor original 

15" x 22"

Available in print only


Available in print only 

Prices based on size (8x10,16x20) 

"Desert Poppies" 

Available in print only 

Price based on size (8x10,16x20,20x30) 

"Field of Lilies" 

30" x 40" original watercolor 

Available in print only 

Priced based on size (8x10,16x20,20x30) 


Available in print only 

Price based on size (8x10,16x20,20x30) 

"Geranium Splash" 

Watercolor original 30" x 40" 

"Sunflower Duo" 

Original Watercolor 15" x 22" 

Available in print only 

Price based on size (8x10,16x20,20x30) 

Prints available at ArtisticExpression

"Cabrillo Beach   Bathhouse" 

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Prints available at Artistic Expression
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San Pedro Attractions Hand-painted tile by Artist Linda Dixon